Marvin Daniels

Marvin is the Chief Executive Officer of the Hope Center

Marvin Daniels

The Hope Center

I have served in ministry for more than 38 years. The grind is hard, the labor is continuous, and the burdens are heavy. My Brother's Keeper is a much needed ministry because they help lift the burdens of the urban ministry leader and their spouses. They truly are my brother's keeper.

Sherrie Pucket

Sherrie is the founder and Director  of New Beginning Christian Counseling

As a mental health provider, I know the many challenges that urban ministry leaders face - long hours, ongoing trauma, and shouldering the financial needs of those they serve. As a result, many leaders and their spouses are hurting. I Am My Brother’s Keeper has stepped in to help. I am honored to partner with them.


Dr. Ealey is the Campus Pastor of Colonial south in Kansas City, Missouri

Too often the urban ministry leader is alone, has few resources, and rarely has anyone to talk to. My Brother’s Keeper is the shoulder that urban ministry leaders lean on when they want to give up. They are helping people endure. They are saving lives. My Brother's Keepers brings hope to inner city leaders.

Vernon Birmingham.jpg

Vernon is the Pastor of Servant Community Church in Kansas City, Kansas

Vernon Birmingham

Servant Community Church

My Brother's Keeper will send me a text just to check on me, or invite me to breakfast. The main thing that happens when we meet is they listen and encourage me. Every time they check on me, it’s timely. They have served in urban ministry so they know the burdens we carry. I need this ministry. My family needs this ministry.


Darryl is the Pastor of New Community Church in Kansas City, Missouri

Darryl Answer

New Community Church

Balancing a family, a job, and leading a ministry in the urban context, is both challenging and demanding. These challenges were painfully magnified when my family faced significant health complications. My Brother's Keeper stepped in at the right time and provided support. They are a God-given gift to those of us who minister in marginalized communities. 

Henry Thompson (1).JPG

Henry received his Master of Divinity from Trinity Evangelical Divinity School.

The work of I Am My Brother's Keeper has been essential in my life. They are helping ministry leaders develop healthy and sustainable work rhythms. They are also helping church leaders get the care and support they need so they can care well for the people in their under resourced communities. We should all support this ministry!

Henry Thompson

Trinity University - Chicago

Antoine Richardson.jpg

Dr. Richardson is the President of Carver Baptist Bible College, Institute & Theological Seminary

Dr. Antoine Richardson

Carver Baptist Bible College

Urban ministry leaders, pastors, and their spouses face the rigors of serving the underserved and under resourced on a daily basis.  The depth and intensity of ministry service we provide has left us in need of support and access to resources now more than ever.  I Am My Brother’s Keeper provides valuable help through counseling and coaching to ensure that leaders are able to serve our Lord; building the kingdom of God for the long haul.

Arthur Jackson 2.jpg

Arthur is the Midwest Region Urban Director for Pastor Serve

Arthur Jackson

Pastor Serve

My Brother's Keeper has a heart for those who minister in tough places. The challenges of ministering in urban core areas are not new, but the expression of this ministry brings a refreshing and much needed focus on encouraging the faithful men and women on the front lines. My Brother's Keeper is making a difference!